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Volunteer with us: 2024!

Join our community mission at St Luke's!

Photo with thanks to Connor Di Leo

Together, we are making St Luke’s a place that benefits the local area; creating access to the arts, celebrating culture, enhancing biodiversity, and taking care of the site for Liverpool's future generations.

Whether you want to try something new, apply existing skills, or pass on what you know, we welcome you to become a part of this amazing story!

Current Opportunities:

Your level of involvement is totally up to you, there are opportunities for ad hoc as well as regular volunteering - so your role will be built around what works best for you!

With each of the roles listed below are the kinds of activities that you will have the option to take part in.

Visitor Experience Volunteer

• Greeting visitors and being an ambassador for St Luke's
• Learning about the history of the site and its importance today
• Sharing your knowledge with visitors
• Guiding visitors around the site and recounting stories about St Luke's

• Invigilating arts installations and exhibitions
• Supporting the running of community and arts sessions
• Promoting our community work and fundraising messages
• Providing directions and collecting visitor feedback
• Other opportunities based on your interests and skills
• Attending forums and community meetings


Upkeep Volunteer

• Helping with ongoing maintenance to improve the site's presentation
• Helping with one-off construction and DIY projects

• Supporting landscaping projects, levelling and relaying pathways
• Tidying the church and grounds to a high standard
• Repainting doorways, treating benches, small repairs 
• Preparing the building and site for events

* This role would also be suitable for someone with expertise in electrical installations, plumbing, carpentry, conservation, who is looking to make a contribution to St Luke's


Venue Team Volunteer

• Helping to prepare the venue and set up for events
• Supporting our box office team and helping with ticketing
• Welcoming ticketholders, providing directions and information

• Assisting at large arts and cultural events
• Stewarding at theatre performances and film screenings
• Overseeing activities and workshops

• Promoting upcoming events
• Artist liason and backstage management
• Helping to clear up after events and reset the venue
• Being vigilant for hazards and knowing safety procedures

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