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Reflecting on a Vibrant Quarter: Celebrating Creativity, Community, and Awareness

Looking back on February through April, it feels like we've been on quite the adventure at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church! With spring in full swing and summer peeking around the corner, these months were packed with events that brought smiles, culture, and a whole lot of fun to Liverpool and beyond.

Kicking off the season was "The Boy & The Pearl", a stunning light installation that took us on a journey through traditional Chinese folklore. Crafted in collaboration with Focal Studios, Pagoda Arts, Judith Herring, Colleen Chandler, Chris Howard and 30 Liverpool Primary Schools with their leaves of hope displayed within the gardens. This audio-visual masterpiece captivated the hearts of over 8,000 visitors from February 9th to 11th. Thank you also to Culture Liverpool, Visit Liverpool, Arts Council, Liverpool City Council, and all our partners for their invaluable support.

And let's not forget about the trees! Mersey Forest also distributed over a thousand tree saplings to families eager to nurture nature in their own homes. Helping spread the word of how important greenery and sustainability is to Liverpool and beyond. 

February also marked the return of our monthly Makers Markets, a true treasure trove of local talent and creativity. From handmade crafts to delicious treats, it's a celebration of everything that makes the Northwest special.

March brought the nostalgia of records where Groove & Grind made their first appearance for 2024, where vinyl enthusiasts gathered to pick up an old or new gem and hear some classics being spinned by DJ One Nathan Under A Groove. 

During Easter, we were delighted to welcome a very special guest in the form of the Easter Bunny! Adding an extra sprinkle of magic to our activities for the holiday season. We were home to an Easter egg trail inside the church, carefully crafted by the talented students of Kensington Primary School, plus craft activities in the gardens, providing families with engaging activities to enjoy together.

Music found its place within St Luke’s, as harpist Maxine Moline graced us with much loved popular melodies back on Valentine’s Day. We also welcomed the vibrant tunes of Americana, folk, and bluegrass, courtesy of Liverpool-based band The Jesse Janes with support from Liam Cromby in April.

We raised our glasses at our annual Beer & Cider Festival in April too! A huge success that saw up to 100 different beers from almost 40 breweries including some local ones – Liverpool Brewing Co and Top Rope Brewing, Pied Bull from Newton Le Willows, Chapter from Runcorn, Spitting Feathers who are Chester-based, and Warrington brewing companies 4T’s and Coach House. 

Six years ago, Laura Rowe from Align Lifestyles began sharing her events at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church. Since then, her meditation sessions have steadily grown, attracting a devoted community of followers. Laura hosted another sold out meditation event with us in Spring, where her events offer calmness to busy lives, a blend of Blissful Breathwork, Somatic Therapy and Modern Meditation.

Amidst all the events, we also reflect on India and Dylan's beautiful wedding in spring too. It was truly a memorable day, filled with happiness and excitement. These are the moments that hold a special place in our hearts – bringing people together to celebrate love within a historic building that once witnessed weddings before it was affected by WWII. Yet now, it stands as a symbol of enduring beauty, uniting couples in a new era.

With the community side of events at St Luke’s, for International Dance Day, Movema dancers performed a world fusion dance routine, drawing from the rich traditions of Indian and West African dances. The start of more workshops and dance routines to come. Thank you to everyone who came down and joined in.

Finally, we ended April on a note of awareness with an incredible augmented reality exhibition brought to us by Novartis and in collaboration with UK mural artists, one of which being Liverpool artist Paul Curtis. Through his artwork and other mural artists, they shed light on a rare blood cancer, empowering us all to recognise its signs and support those affected. 

The 10 symptoms to look out for are: abdominal pain, inactivity, weight loss, fever, concentration issues, fatigue, bone pain, feeling full, itching and night sweats.

There were 10 sculptures which each represented what it’s like to live with the various symptoms of myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). The free-to-see exhibition is travelling around the UK as part of Novartis and MPN Voice’s campaign ‘Meet the MPN 10’.

Along with events, we’ve hosted regular open days which so far from January have seen over 20,000 people from locals to tourists engage with the heritage of St Luke’s Bombed Out Church. 

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who has visited us so far this year, contributing to the vibrancy and vitality of our beloved St. Luke's. Whether joining in community events, supporting commercial endeavours, or delving into the rich heritage of our historic site, each visit is a testament to our shared mission: to preserve and cherish the spirit of St. Luke's for all to enjoy. Your support keeps our doors open and our mission alive.


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