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Our trip on the City Explorer Liverpool

This week we were lucky enough to experience one of the wonderful city tours operated by City Explorer Liverpool.

Hopping on at stop number 9 (The Bombed Out Church) we were welcomed aboard by bus driver Wayne & as it was cracking the flags, of course opted for the top deck!

Now this isn’t your typical bus tour, unlike the standard bus tours where you plug in headphones for a pre-recorded commentary, there is a live guide on every single bus. Our guide, Gary, was a fountain of knowledge about the city & incredibly charismatic, adding his personal touch that kept the whole bus laughing throughout the journey.

Stopping at 11 locations across the city centre, the hop on & hop off feature of the tours allow you to discover parts of Liverpool you may have not ventured to. We gained insightful knowledge about other beautiful & historic buildings nearby, such as the Anglican & Metropolitan Cathedrals & facts about various statues around the city, the British Music Experience & so much more!

We thoroughly enjoyed being ‘tourists in our own home’ for the day. It was an excellent way to explore the city & learn more about Liverpool’s history, all with a fun twist.

With your tickets comes an abundance of discounts for local restaurants, bars & attractions, including 20% off of your first drink at our Garden Bar. Simply show your ticket to a member of staff during our Garden Bar opening hours (Thursday - Sunday).

Whether you're visiting Liverpool this Summer or have lived here all of your life, City Explorer Liverpool is well worth the trip!

Find out more information & check out tour times via the City Explorer Liverpool website - www.cityexplorerliverpool.co.uk


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