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What a year it’s been! We have hosted over 110 events this year, an eclectic mix of events, where these alone have bought over 32,300 people through our doors.


Throughout the year highlights include:


Chinese New Year / Luna New Year celebrations

Easter workshops and egg hunt trail created by St Ann’s Catholic Primary School

Bombed Out Church Beer Festival

Eurovision Bingo

Chess with European Champions from Ukraine and Bulgaria

Eurovision Screening

Comedy with Kiri Prichard-Mclean, Tadiwa Mahlunge, Alistair Green & Phil Ellis

Liverpool Theatre Festival (Ft. opera, music, theatre and more)

Film Screenings

Poppy Project (Remembrance Sunday)

Remembrance Sunday with the London Oriana Choir & Wolf performance

Open days with Liverpool based duos and bands

Jazz evenings within the gardens

Markets with local traders

And lots of wedding ceremonies and full day celebrations for special couples

We also had a few achievements this year which we’re proud of:


Winners of the Resilience of Innovation’ Award as part of Liverpool City Region

Gold Award Winners of VisitEngland’s’ Awards for Excellence 2023

Commendation Award for the category of Culture & Tourism as part of The Merseyside Independent Business Awards


And another achievement of 2023 is being granted our wedding license, as of April 2023 we have been able to host legally binding weddings as well as celebrant led weddings.

Liam & Emma, our first legally binding wedding of the year.

Photo by @jesshazelhurstphotoraphy


Throughout being open on our 'Open Days', we have met people from all over the world and greeted over 24,000 people. Throughout the year we have heard insightful stories about families, visitors’ history and what the Bombed Out Church means to them.


Thank you to everyone for their support throughout this year, from volunteers, clients, suppliers, promoters, attendees and open day visitors.


We care deeply about the Bombed Out Church and all our efforts aim to help conserve and boost engagement with this vital part of Liverpool’s identity.


From all of us here at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, we wish you all a lovely holiday season and we look forward to what 2024 brings and seeing you all again for another busy year.

Stand Up Under the Stars, ft. Alistair Green

Photo by David Munn


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