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Memorial Garden

Here at St Luke’s, we’re developing an exciting new memorial garden project. Our plans aim to transform the current garden into a beautiful and tranquil green space for our visitors to enjoy. With this in mind, the memorial garden project highlights many of St Luke’s missions: to aid the environment, to make the local area even more beautiful, and to give our visitors a place to relax and explore.


Find out how you can become involved below!

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What Are The Goals Of This Project?

  • The first goal of our memorial garden is to give people a peaceful place to discover, contemplate, and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Alongside this, visitors can pay respects to those lost in an important historical location.


  • Secondly, the project aims to provide an educational setting for young people, volunteers, schools, and more, with a particular focus on environmental learning. Our gardens will act as a tool to enhance knowledge whether that be through wellbeing classes or gardening workshops. There’s something for everyone to try!


  • Finally, we want to use our garden as a means to benefit the community around us. We aim to give Liverpool a green space to be proud of, to encourage biodiversity, and to make the city an even better place to live.



We plan to include a small stone path encircled by poppies and other stunning flowers including rose bushes and lavender bushes. Wooden benches will be added too, acting as a nice spot to watch the world go by alongside a small water feature.

We decided to create a memorial garden around the 'Truce' statue as this area is the most visible on our grounds. So, it is an ideal location to showcase our work to the public and make the gardens look attractive to the surrounding area.

What Do Our Designs Include?

Who Is Our Project Supported By?

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How Can You Get Involved?


Volunteering Dates:

Volunteer dates to be confirmed soon. Watch this space. 

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