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Birds At St Luke's

Here at the Bombed Out Church, we're aiming to make our space more

attractive for birds to encourage more wildlife into Liverpool City Centre. 


How Can You Help The Birds At Home? 

  • A great way to help birds is to feed them. For example, you can buy pre-made fat balls from your local garden centre. These are a great option over the winter, just make sure to remove their netting before you put them out. Or, you can make your own by simply mixing melted lard with a blend of crushed seeds, nuts, grated cheese, and dried fruits. 

  • You can also give birds shop-bought seed mixes as long as they’re not too chunky. Sunflower seeds and peanut granules are bird favourites. Avoid using salted or roasted peanuts and buying seed mixtures that have beans, dried rice, or lentils in them as these can cause choking!

  • Birdbaths are really useful too, allowing birds to safely wash and drink. Puddles are often filled with harmful chemicals or bacteria. So, make sure you change the water regularly to keep the birds as healthy as possible. 

  • Feeding perches, poles, or tables are handy. They allow for better safety from pets and predators. If you do have pets, try putting food where your animals can’t reach the birds. 


Photos by Amee Fairbank-Brown and Yanna Zissiadou on Unsplash

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